Baby Box Safety Concerns

Baby boxes made out of cardboard have been given to every expectant mother in Finland since the 1930s. The cardboard boxes, which come with items like blankets and clothes, can also be used as a bed by adding a mattress. This initial sleep offering has been gaining popularity in the U.K., although safety experts question just how safe the boxes are to sleep in. The Royal College of Midwives concluded that the boxes can reduce unsafe sleeping conditions, especially in households with parents who take drugs, smoke, or drink alcohol. 

Compared to bassinets and cots, it is harder for parents to see a sleeping infant in the box.Whether the box is laminated or not determines the flammability of the box. Another concern is if the cardboard becomes dirty or wet, as cleaning baby boxes could affect the structural integrity of the baby box. 

Although inconclusive, baby boxes seem to help reduce cases of Suddden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Infants should sleep on their back for the first six months, and the baby boxes help keep sleeping babies on their backs. Studies indicate that babies using the baby box feel secure within the high-walled, stimulus free sleep zone.

The simplicity of the baby box concept makes safety certification unnecessary. If your company is looking to bring a new product to market, let Product Safety Consulting be "Your Outsourced Compliance Department."